Enriching the Golem ecosystem

Empowering individuals
by decentralizing infrastructure
and breaking corporate data silos

Welcome to Golem Foundation.

We fund, develop, and promote projects that further advance the vision of Golem and find new promising use cases for its native token, GLM.

We aim to give power back to the users by freeing them from dependency on on‑line service providers, allowing them to interact with their data with tools of their choosing, and giving them control over code and underlying infrastructure.

Our main focus is on internal research and development but we are open to cooperation in the wider decentralized ecosystem, including financing external teams whose goals are well aligned with the vision of open, decentralized, and user‑controlled Internet.


At Golem Foundation we are engaged in a number of projects that democratize access to computing, break corporate data silos, and strengthen the position of individual users vis-à-vis service providers.

We write code, advance new ideas, and fund promising projects by external teams.