Octant and Diva Staking announce partnership

We’re thrilled to announce a new partnership between Octant and Diva Staking, uniting our efforts to decentralize Ethereum’s staking landscape.

We started Octant with a dual purpose: to enhance Ethereum public goods funding and to bring added value to GLM & the Golem ecosystem. Our vision is to make Octant a model for regenerative financing, empowering communities to fund what is critical to them.

To fund Octant, the Golem Foundation operates 3125 validators. Since our launch in 2023, our solo staking setup has emerged as one of the top 20 staking pools. Our focus on minority clients, such as Nimbus, underlines our strong commitment to Ethereum’s decentralized values.

When you lock GLM into Octant, you regeneratively earn ETH staking rewards in proportion to your lock. A one time lock in will continue to bring rewards every epoch (90 days) until you decide to unlock. Each epoch users are presented a choice; keep their rewards, or donate to some or all of those ETH rewards to participating public goods. Donations are substantially amplified through a matching pool, with the first round witnessing an average multiplier of 41 times! So your money goes much further if you donate, versus if you keep.

The flow of funds in Octant

Addressing Staking Ecosystem Challenges

The current Ethereum staking ecosystem has revealed a worrying trend: the top three pools control over 50% of the staking power.

Worse still, 91% of this is either permissioned or centralized, leaving a meager 9% for decentralized options.

As for on-chain LST (Liquid Staking Tokens) dynamics, Lido dominates with 85%. The picture is clear: there’s an urgent need for new on-chain alternatives.

The Diva Staking-Octant Synergy

Octant’s commitment to Ethereum’s positive growth perfectly aligns with Diva Staking’s ambition to build the first unstoppable, permissionless LST, a ‘layer 2 for staking.’ Diva Staking’s vision of a 33/33/33% ecosystem balance mirrors our values.

Diva Staking is pioneering DVT-powered Liquid Staking with several key innovations:

  1. Allowing Liquid Staking with divETH
  2. Empowering anyone to run a node from only 1 ETH
  3. Removing single points of failure with Distributed Validation
  4. Using non-upgradable smart contracts that provide long-term guarantees

We’re thrilled to utilize Diva Staking’s DVT solution, amplifying the voices of those advocating for diminishing centralized dominance. Our partnership is our proactive response to these calls for change.

Allocating up to 100k ETH to Diva Staking

The Golem Foundation is planning a phased transition of its validators to Diva’s DVT, contingent on the maturity and extensive testing of their technology.

Our partnership with Diva Staking will unlock new ways to engage with Octant, including Liquid Staking and innovative methods to enhance your user rewards and public goods funding impact.

This change aims to create a more efficient and effective Octant ecosystem, while also contributing to the growth of the Ethereum network by welcoming a diverse array of node operators. It’s a pivotal move towards a more decentralized and balanced web3 future.

Curious to learn more?

Join us for a live YouTube event on Wednesday, December 13th, at 6pm CET / 9am PST to discuss this exciting announcement.

Join our call on Dec 13th at 6 pm CET /9 am PST.

We’re committed to engaging with our community and will soon share detailed plans to ensure a seamless transition and ongoing progress.

We encourage you to participate in the discussion on both the Octant and Diva Discord channels and community calls. Be a part of shaping the Ethereum ecosystem alongside Diva Staking and Octant.