At Golem Foundation we are engaged in a number of projects that democratize access to computing, break corporate data silos, and strengthen the position of individual users vis-à-vis service providers.

We write code, advance new ideas, and fund promising projects by external teams.

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Wildland is an open data management protocol that enables users to interact with their data the way they want to, without restrictions imposed on them by online service providers.

Wildland aims to counteract efforts to censor information, impose external moderation of users’ data feeds, and establish lock-in effects whereby users are forced to use certain tools to access and process their data.

What makes the platform truly unique is the built-in multi-categorization feature. In Wildland addresses act like tags. You can set up many access paths to your files and browse them through any of them. This allows for a level of data organization that is unmatched by any other platform or service.

Thanks to a novel system of addressing and backend agnosticism, Wildland users can seamlessly move their data between different local and cloud storage options, and easily synchronize data across many machines and hard drives, thus being free from the dependency on particular providers. Wildland is an open-source project. If you have access to a suitable infrastructure, you can use Wildland for free. People lacking their backends or skills necessary to configure them properly, as well as those who need additional storage for their data will be able to buy it cheaply on Wildland’s marketplace.

Wildland’s payment system was designed with transparency, and censorship resistance in mind. It also utilizes a novel mechanism that puts users in charge of the platform’s future development.

Part of every Wildland payment is converted into GLM to generate a non-transferable Proof-of-Usage token that gives its owner certain decision rights within Wildland’s governance system. This mechanism ensures that Wildland’s heaviest users will have the strongest say on how the platform is going to evolve.

To find out more about how Wildland is governed read about User-Defined-Organization below.

Wildland has its dedicated website at

A detailed description of the project is also available in the Wildland paper.

User-Defined Organization

Organizations within the decentralized space face an important governance challenge — they aspire to empower users but struggle to find a decision and financing model that truly takes users’ best-interest into account.

This is why we are developing the User-Defined Organization (UDO) concept. It’s a mode of governance based on the idea that the project’s heaviest users should have the strongest say on how resources from the builder’s fund are allocated.

UDO’s central element is the so-called Proof-of-Usage (or PoU for short) mechanism. The PoU is a non-transferable, and non-speculative digital token that is generated whenever a transfer of value is initialized within a platform that utilizes the UDO as a governance model.

This token is awarded to the person who had initialized the transfer and gives her certain rights and privileges related to the platform/infrastructure, including voting right over who should receive bounties for their contributions to the development of the platform.

While Wildland is the first implementation of the UDO concept we would like it to be much more broadly adopted in a variety of different projects that could potentially benefit from building the governance model around the actual usage of particular software or protocol.

To find out more about the User-Defined Organization read here (section 3.3).


Golem Foundation is open for ideas, initiatives and projects that are in line with the Foundation’s goals. We are flexible in structuring cooperation with potential partners as long as it results in adding value to the Golem and GLM ecosystem.

Reach out to us if you believe that what you do can help our efforts to create additional use cases and foster adoption of Golem and GLM or otherwise contribute to Golem Foundation’s projects, including enriching and building on the concept of the User-Defined Organizacion.

We are ready to support your work in a variety of ways by financing or co-financing your efforts in the form of a grant and sharing our experience and knowledge.

The following areas are of particular importance to our mission:

  • Decentralised governance and (crypto)economics of User-Defined Organisation, especially in the context of Wildland and Proof of Usage-GLM mechanics;
  • Proof of Usage and UDO applied to new projects and ideas.

We are particularly interested in building long-term cooperation with individuals and teams who share our values and are enthusiastic about the concepts mentioned above. This is why our support can extend well beyond the initial grant, as long your contributions are aligned with Golem Foundation’s objectives