Core Team

Julian Zawistowski

Decentralised systems visionary and entrepreneur, founder and - until June 2019 - CEO of Golem Factory. Economist by trade, fascinated with blockchain technology, as well as sociology and economics of decentralised systems. In the past consultant and researcher of public policies, co-founder of Institute for Structural Research.
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Andrzej Regulski

Contact with Reality
Passionate economist, experienced manager as well as a true believer in decentralized technologies and open innovation. Co-founder and former COO of Golem Factory.
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Joanna Rutkowska

Long-term navigation
Spent nearly 20 years exploring various corners of computer systems technology, down to the level of actual processors and devices, trying to understand how these systems are supposed to work, as well as how they might be tricked to work contrary to the intentions of the creators. Then moved on to work on the defensive side for nearly another decade by founding and leading the Qubes OS project. More recently, after a healthy sabbatical break from infosec, joined Golem Project in October 2018 as Chief Strategy Officer, happy to dive into the new world of challenges and possibilities.
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